Explore best local sports for unique forms of recreation: Rock climbing


graphic by Jocelyn Wang

Genna Bishop, Assistant business manager

Planet Granite: Located in Sunnyvale, Planet Granite is the most popular indoor rock climbing gym in the area. The gym features a large number of climbing walls for people of all ages and levels. They also include a gym and even host yoga classes with friendly staff. Junior Jordan Cheng, an avid customer of Planet Granite, elaborates on why he likes to climb, “It’s really really fun, and it’s also very good for you,” he said. “It’s very physically challenging, but it’s also very physically rewarding.” Without membership, the daily cost is $28 plus extra depending on what equipment you need to rent.

Peak of Fremont: Located in Fre- mont, the Peak of Fremont features more than 135 top and lead rope routes, andover 120 boulder problems. They offera variety of classes for people of all ages and levels. Without membership, the daily cost is $20 plus extra equipment

The Studio: Located in San Jose, with over 11,000 feet of climbing ter-rain, The Studio offers a wide varietyof routes for top climbers. The Studio features a range of different fitness classes including yoga, condition- ing, TRX, bootcamps and more. They offer multiple climbing classes as well. Without membership, the daily cost is $25.

Castle Rock State Park: Castle Rock State Park in Los Gatos is located along the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and is the perfect spot to test your outdoor climbing skills. The park is known for its many great hiking and climbing spots and views.