Decade in Review: Technology

Charlie Bush, Lifestyle Editor

Motion-sensored consoles (2010):

The XBox Kinect and the PlayStation Move were two of the biggest gaming consoles of the decade, both released worldwide in late 2010. Following suit of the Wii in 2006, motion-sensored consoles have become a house-hold item. Countless of games have swept the nation, including dance and sporting games.

iPad (2010):

Tablets with larger screens than phones flooded the technology market this decade, with the first edition of the popular iPad being released in 2010. With new accessories being released each year, including attachable keyboards and 2015’s Apple Pencil, tablets—and the iPad in particular—are becoming ever more modern and used for an even wider variety of activities.

Uber/Lyft (2010):

Almost everyone these days has one of two applications on their smart phones: Uber or Lyft. A beta launch of the former occurred in early 2010, with Lyft being founded in 2012. These two tools for everyday transportation have changed the way people get around.

Siri (2011):

Apple’s iPhone 4S was the first phone with Siri, a virtual assistant. Following Apple’s lead, other companies such as Google and Microsoft crafted their own respective Google Assistant and Cortana.

Airpods (2016):

Bluetooth technology has grown and developed, and subsequently wireless earbuds are becoming increasingly more popular. With Apple hopping on the trend in late 2016, the company just further pushed along the popularity of these devices.

VR (2016):

The mainstream release of virtual reality quite literally brought about a new, and unexplored world to Internet users. Two of the biggest VR headsets—the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive—were released in March 2016 and in June 2016, respectively. Hundreds of new games flooded the market with new digital worlds for users to dive into.