Nostalgia: Videogames


Devon Lee, Sports Editor

In today’s technological era, it is impossible to es- cape the attraction of video games and video game culture. Most people have played them at one point,
and many have played video games throughout their entire lives. Let’s take a trip to the past and remember
the video games that made us who we are today.
When you think of video games you are prob- ably imagining an Xbox or Playstation; however, let’s not forget the console that started it all: the Nintendo Wii. The Wii was released in Novem- ber of 2006 and saw immediate success, sell- ing over 100 million devices over the course of its lifespan. Ranging from classics like New “Super Mario Bros Wii” to “Wii Sports,” the Wii had it all, housing a fantastic collection of Nintendo games that anyone could enjoy. People of all ages, shapes and sizes could pick up a Wii and start playing, which is why the Nintendo Wii will always be remembered as a true classic. Another hugely popular device emerging around this time was the smart phone. To- day, it is impossible to find a teenager or even a middle schooler who doesn’t own a smartphone. And to be quite honest, the only use of a cell phone as a kid for many was to play games. Mobile games, while not colloquially acknowledged as video games, fall under the same umbrella. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, at one point in time, you have played a mobile game. Nowadays, games such as “Pubg” mobile and “Pokemon Go” dominate the market, but before there were battle royales on your mobile device,games such as “Angry Birds,” “Cut the Rope” and “Jetpack Joyride” pioneered the genre of mobile games. Loved for their unique and addictive elements, these apps remind us of what mobile games used to be and the hours upon hours we spent playing them. Their simplicity harkens back to a better time, when we were satisfied with playing un- sophisticated mobile games in our free time.
Last but not least, it is impossible to talk about old video games with- out mentioning the Xbox 360. Truly the zeitgeist of the
early and mid 2000s, the Xbox was the staple of a true
gamer’s home. Games like “Halo 3,” “Call of Duty 2,” “NBA 2k 14” and “Battlefield 1” launched franchises and we still play them today 0n the next gen- eration of consoles.
Next time you pick up your phone or your PS4 controller, take a moment to remember how you got here and all the amazing games you played up to this moment, because sooner or later, you’re going to be looking back on these times and feeling that same sense of nostalgia.