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The Amazing Race

“The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe. Go!” Those are the words that host Phil Keoghan speaks at the starting line of “The Amazing Race.” From there, 11 pairs of contestants compete for a million dollars in a race spanning multiple continents. Each episode, the last team to check in at the “pit stop” may be eliminated from the race, compelling fans to follow their favorite teams.

“The Amazing Race” is undoubtedly the best reality TV show because it appeals to a wide audience and features physical and intellectual challenges in the world’s most stunning tourism destinations.

“The Amazing Race” unites diverse friends and family, both on screen and off. Contestants range from moms to You-Tubers to best friends to married couples. Similarly, everyone can enjoy the show. It has the perfect balance of humor, wit and adventure to entertain all.

Better yet, it’s not just the strongest, prettiest or smartest team that wins. Contestants encounter a refreshing variety of crazy, cool activities, from singing in a foreign language to solving a Japanese puzzle box to zip lining over a landmark. Ultimately, the winning team triumphs through perseverance, intellect, charisma, physical endurance and a little bit of taxi karma.

 Lastly, “The Amazing Race” highlights life-changing experiences instead of “petty drama.” As teams fly to new countries and participate in local traditions, the audience gains an appreciation for cultures while marveling at the sights. Watching this show, fans learn something new each episode.

It’s no wonder that this multi-Emmy Award winning TV show has capti-vated audiences for 31 seasons. With its diversity, engaging activities and breathtaking sights, this show has it all. All you have to do is watch as it single-handedly transports you from your couch to a riveting race around the world.

—Written by Jessica Wang

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