The Oracle Fights Over Best Picture: “1917”

Haley Pflasterer, Reporter

The Oscars feature nine nominees and nine movies worth watching with one that stands out from the rest: “1917.” The film “1917” should win Best Picture at the Academy Awards because it personally engages with the audience and has outstanding filmmaking.

“1917” is about two British soldiers who received orders to deliver a message to the front lines to prevent the massacre of numerous lives. They go through many nail-biting obstacles to get there, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

One of the messenger’s brothers is on the front lines, leaving him feeling respon- sible for the lives of many soldiers and his sibling. The emotion caused by this situation leaves the audience rooting for the messenger, keeping their hearts pounding.

Unlike the other movies nominated in this category, “1917” has a unique style of filmmaking. The movie was filmed and edited together to make it look like it is one continuous shot, a technique that few films have been successfully been able to accomplish in the past. “1917” clearly was successful in achieving an effective one-shot roll because of how well it brought the viewers close to the action and the revelations of the war film. While the leads jumped from one deterrent to another, the audience could feel the anxiety and fear in the soldiers.