Student musicians use performing, composing as form of self-expression


As two lifelong friends listened to recordings of their band’s mu- sic, they noticed the striking realism of their songs and its almost daydream-like quality. This is how the band ultimately came up with the perfect word to capture the essence of their style of music: reverie, a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.
Ever since she was a little kid, lead singer of Reverie junior Julia Segal has taken an interest in listening to and creating music. She first discussed the possibility of forming a band with her friend, percussion- ist junior Brindha Jaeger. After attending Paradox, a teen arts council event, Segal met bassist junior Greg Kochnev and the band was formed. Since then, Reverie has performed for numerous gigs across Palo Alto, including weekly performances at the Backyard Brew cafe, and has since added electric guitarist junior Nick Ferguson and singer junior Maddy Draker to
their lineup.
One unique aspect of the band is its blend of musical genres. “Often, I tell people it’s like pop and jazz,” Segal said. “We have solos and improvisation and we’ll have Greg or Nick play a bass or a guitar solo in the middle of some songs which may have jazzy chords and elements.”
As student artists, one of the biggest challenges Reverie’s members face is finding time to practice together, when they are all available. Despite this, the group makes sure to find time to jam out and bond over music. “Everyone always looks forward to practice and the chemistry in the group is really positive,” Segal said.
For Jaeger, music is not only a form of entertainment: it can also bring people closer together. “Playing music and listen- ing to music definitely connects people, because if you find someone who listens to the same genre or plays the same instru- ment, you kind of have this connection because you can just immediately start talking,” she said.
In the future, the band hopes to contin- ue to inspire others and produce new mu- sic. “At least this year and next year we’re going to keep playing live performances, doing competitions and hopefully we’ll be releasing an EP [recording] or an album or single soon on Spotify,” Jaeger said.