Spring’s arrival sparks new developments

Madison Nguyen and Jessica Zang

Feminine­—florals: Spring is time for flowers, so dress your outfit up in florals for a feminine look. Play with different textures and layer with a light sweater.

Masculine—accessorize: Spring is the time to step up your game. Spice up your outfit with a pop of color or a belt.

Casual—t-shirts and shorts: A look you can wear to school. It’s heating up, so might as well wear a pair of light shorts to cool off.

Seasons—warm day or cold temperatures: Palo Alto-type spring is cold in the morning and warm in theafternoon. Layer up in the morning with a turtleneck or light sweater with a sleeveless top underneath.

Accessories—headbands and hair scarves: Make your outfit more unique with headbands, hair scarves and even layered jewelry. Make your outfit more unique with any accessories. Not sure where to find them? Thriftstores all over the Bay Area are crawling with them, or you can even make your own with some fabric, thread and a needle.

Versatile ­outfit—dress­ with ­sandals: A look for any occasion. Dress it down with a light sweater and somesandals for the perfect picnic vibe, or go full out with a pair of platform sandals and leave it bare.

Importance of solid shoes: Some people say shoes make the look, and those people are right. The right pair of shoes can completely transform an outfit, and the wrong one can make it all go down the drain. Invest in a good pair of sneakers or a nice pair of sandals that you’ll wear no matter the season, no matter the outfit. For the amount you’ll be wearing them, it’s worth it.

Where to shop: Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you shop–what matters is the pieces you choose and how you style them together. That white camisole from Urban Outfitters for $30 can easily be thrifted for $5 or found at the local Target. Don’t worry about name brands; just find pieces you know you’ll be wearing throughout many