Girl Scout cookies vie for staff favorite: Tagalongs


Arjun Shah, Reporter

The Girl Scout Cookie has without a doubt cemented itself as a quintessential American staple. However, the question must be asked, which type is the best? The answer is the Tagalong, an unjustifiably overlooked cookie, but one that provides immense flavor and satisfaction. The Tagalong has three basic components: chocolate, biscuit and peanut butter. The chocolate exterior is smooth and rich—similar to the far inferior Thin Mint cookie—and it provides the perfect introduction to the biscuit and peanut butter. Secondly, the biscuit is buttery and flakey, combining with the chocolate to create a delicious bite. These two components alone create a good cookie, but what makes the Tagalong great lies with the third ingredient: the peanut butter. The peanut butter binds the biscuit to the chocolate. It distributes to all regions of the cookie, flowing its silky peanut goodness into every crevice of the consumer’s mouth. The three components combine to create a masterful display of baking ingenuity, for $5 a piece, make sure to buy as many Tagalong boxes as you can—it’s worth it.