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First prank proves successful

By: Ashley Ngu

Photos by: Kyle Zhu and Michael Wu

If you’re playing a practical joke on someone and need an extra hand, I am not the one to call. I’m pretty sure that I was born without any pranking abilities whatsoever. So when I was tasked to pull a prank on The Oracle, I knew I had a daunting assignment ahead of me.

Being the uneducated newbie prankster that I was, I decided to do some research. In actuality, this meant googling various phrases like “best pranks” and “how to pull off a prank.” After discovering some cringe-inducing pranks, I realized that I needed to set some guidelines for myself. My prank would NOT include physical pain, humiliation or vandalism. Call me a wuss, but I didn’t want anyone to get hurt; I just wanted to be funny, and thus Operation Plastic Wrap was born.

The plan was to gain access to the journalism room during lunch, plastic wrap the doorway, wait until lunch ended, and then observe. It actually took me three tries to pull off the prank, but what can I say, I’m a beginner. The first time, I forgot the plastic wrap at home. The second time, the journalism room was locked. But as the old saying goes, the third time’s the charm.

I had hoped that when our advisor unlocked the door, she would walk straight into the plastic wrap without looking. Unfortunately, with her astute powers of observation, she saw the plastic wrap, said “What the hell,” and then promptly blamed Boot. Chuckling to myself, I played the role of an innocent and unaware student. Fortunately, the rest of the class found it pretty hilarious, much to my delight.

And thus, my first legitimate prank was successful and I will admit that I’ve gained a new appreciation for pranking. The secret plotting and the feeling of accomplishment at the end made pranking a worthwhile endeavor, although I must admit that Operation Plastic Wrap was pretty small-time. So for now, it’s back to the drawing board.

Two prankers caught in the act

By: Boot Bullwinkle

Tin foil: $8. Shrink-wrap: $10. The look on senior Monica Cai’s face when she saw her shrink-wrapped and tinfoiled car: priceless. I knew very well what I was getting into when I decided to prank Monica and it was all worth it in the end.
One day when Monica didn’t show up to class I decided to take the risk and go vandalize her car, even though I had no clue where she was. The shrink-wrap worked perfectly as I efficiently ducked over and under the car, wrapping it in the plastic. It even started to draw spectators, students and faculty alike who laughed and even offered their own personal advice.

But as I lifted her windshield wiper to start wrapping it with tinfoil, the car alarm began to blare while I was spread across its hood. I jumped off so quick, that I leaped onto the car in the parked space next to hers. Fellow staffer Michael had joined to take photos of the process and we both started cracking up as we “played it cool” beside my car until the beeps and horns ceased.

We quickly went back to work as we realized we were running out of time (in addition it started to rain). We did our best with the foil, and finished the car off with my favorite feature: a tinfoil ?ag that ?apped very boastingly in the wind.
Just as we started off back to class, I heard an all-too-familiar shriek from across the parking lot. “Boot! What the [cool thing that I should really appreciate the beauty of] did you do to my car?” Michael snapped pictures of Monica’s reaction, but the joke was really on us. I wasn’t in the mood for getting slapped, so still laughing, we reluctantly cleaned up the mess.

It was really fun to unleash my inner immaturity on Monica and disrupt her day as I’m so accustomed to doing (I may even have to prank her again). She was a great sport and even asked for a photos. It turned out to be a pretty memorable experience.

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The Oracle goes pranking