Five tips for spending time indoors while practicing social distancing

Dori Filppu, Reporter

One of the most common questions among students after hearing about our month long break from school due to the coronavirus was “what will I do to pass the time?” For some, a month without school and extensive socializing may pose as a nightmare, lonely and boring. However, despite the serious circumstances, a month of social distancing holds endless possibilities. While remaining informed about such an alarming situation, we can also embrace the time off and use it to better ourselves, focus on healthy habits, and try to relax. Below is a list to spark creativity on how to use your time during the untimely, unprecedented break from school and responsibilities.  

  1. Watch Netflix. The world-renowned streaming site has served as a source of comfort for millions. Netflix provides a range of movies and shows that cater toward specific audiences and moods. Yet, as an avid Netflix-watcher myself, I understand that the selection can feel underwhelming, and often lacks many of the newer releases. My suggestion is as follows: try to find the worst reviewed and lowest budgeted movie, then watch it to see really how awful it is. I have done this countless times and still walk away shocked at how terrible the movies are. While it may sound counterintuitive, purposely watching bad movies often brings in the best laughs. 
  2. Bake. I often consider baking to be quite time-consuming, and among the stresses of school, find that I don’t have the patience or commitment required. However, our month-long break serves as the perfect opportunity to ignite our baking skills. Cupcakes, cakes, lemon bars, pies, brownies and cookies, is your mouth not watering already? Between the delicious smells that are sure to fill your kitchen and a yummy treat to share with family members, baking over break both passes time and is a foolproof way to spend time at home—just make sure to wash your hands!
  3. Reorganize your house. That pile of laundry that has been building up for weeks? The cluttered shelf that you always tell yourself to clean but never do? Now is the time to tackle those areas. I have found that cleaning and organizing when I have nothing else to do is surprisingly fun. It helps me focus on one particular activity and leaves me feeling accomplished and productive. Put on some music, take your time, fold your shirts and hang your clothes! What sounds like a chore can actually transform into an addicting hobby.  
  4. Make art. Time to get out those crayons and colored pencils shoved in your drawer from middle school. Art is therapeutic and relaxing, an ideal activity in a stressful time. Draw to some of your favorite music in the background or paint everyday objects in a different light. 
  5. Engage in safe habits. Yes, it’s tempting to go run off with your friends, or go hit up amusement parks or movie theaters. What is important to remember is that this is a dangerous time, and we should take every cautionary measure possible. Try to use this time for focus on you—your health, mind, and wellbeing. Pick up a hobby you lost, read a book, treat yourself to a home spa day. Practice healthy habits like washing your hands, staying hydrated and maintaining your personal space bubble. And if you miss talking to your friends, Facetime can become your most used app!