Academic Center tutors provide knowledge, support


Jessica Zang, Reporter

Although school will not reopen until next fall, and the Academic Center is closed, students can take advantage of this resource once it reopens in August.

If any students are struggling in their classes, they may find it hard to reserve time with their teachers during FLEX for one-on-one learning. Oftentimes, students turn to upperclassmen friends or older siblings for help. However, an option that many students aren’t aware of is peer tutoring. Qualified students who have gotten an A or B in a class can come back to teach their peers the material, providing the benefit of one-on-one attention to the tutee, while also getting volunteer hours for their time.

Sophomore Samhita Jayanth is a tutee at the Academic Center, colloquially known as the AC. She first signed up for peer tutoring during first semester this year, when she discovered that she was struggling in her math class, and was paired with junior Vivian Becker. Since then, her proficiency in math has seen great changes. “It’s definitely improved,” Jayanth said. “And it’s also made me feel better about the subject.” Students are also using language exchange apps to help each other with difficulties in grasping any foreign language.

Becker primarily signed up to be a tutor to get community service hours, but tutoring has become more than just a chore. “ I enjoy explaining things so I thought it might be a fun and rewarding thing to do,” Becker said. “I hope I can help people to really understand topics.”

Jayanth and Becker both look forward to tutoring sessions together. “I have started to [look forward to sessions] more, now that I understand the topic a bit better,” Jayanth said. “My tutor is also a great person, so that helps!”

For Becker, tutoring is fun because she has good relationships with her tutees. “I look forward to tutoring sessions,” Becker said. “It’s like meeting with a friend to work on math, but you can also talk about other stuff if there is time.”

Jayanth encourages any struggling students to sign up for a peer tutor. “You definitely get more attention,” she said. “Questions are answered directly, instantly, and in as much detail as you want.”