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New hairstyles

Ella Koehler

New hairstyles

    As quarantine continues, many people have accepted their loss of contact with the outside world and have decided to try something new without having to fear judgement from coworkers, friends or others in their lives. One of the most popular ways of doing that has been to give yourself a fun haircut. 

    For girls, the most common occurrences are cutting bangs or dying their hair. For guys, you may see some shaved heads, and maybe even a mullet or two. And really, there’s no better time to try that hairstyle you’ve always wanted than now. Think about it: no one will see you until  quarantine is over, and that’s seeming like longer every day. That means you don’t have to be worried if it will look good or not, or if your friends will judge you or not. Do what you want because there are absolutely no consequences and nothing to be ashamed of. Girls, see what you would look like with bangs, guys, get a mullet. The time to try new things is now.

    Especially if you’re a worrier or an over thinker, now is the time to be impulsive. Waking up and seeing you have green hair can give you that rush of confidence that you need to drag yourself through the million ROLEs that your teachers have assigned. Make reckless decisions because nothing bad can come of them. And when you’re older, you can look back and say, “I made spontaneous decisions; I lived in the moment.”


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