Do’s and don’ts of video chatting


Graphic by Clair Koo

Jessica Wang, Forum Editor

DO NOT leave your microphone unmuted during large group calls! We’re all better off without distracting background noise of family chatter, clattering dishes or the babbling TV. Please DO try your best to take the time to find a quiet location.

DO NOT stage your video call with a window or light source behind you. Friends don’t want to converse with a black silhouette; they want to see your smiling face! DO position yourself such that light illuminates you from the front.

DO NOT choose an unflattering or unthoughtful angle of your camera. It can be off-putting to say hello to just the top of someone’s head. Rather, DO frame yourself with a nice head-and-shoulders view.

DO NOT forget to maximize your WiFi connection. Multiple video calls can a place strain on WiFi, and we all feel bad for that person with a frozen visual and glitching audio. DO coordinate video calls within your household and find that sweet spot with the best WiFi connection!

Finally, DO NOT be that silent observer with no visual or audio the entire time. Chatting to a bunch of mute grey squares can be as lonely as it is awkward. DO call in with video. Just seeing your face can make someone’s day.