Photo courtesy of Skylar Fong

Senior Skylar Fong

Due to the lengthy shelter-in-place order, many students are unable to carry on with their typical daily routines. However, senior Skyler Fong has been able to make the most of his day, despite staying at home for the majority of time. Continuing fitness activities, balancing school and sleep have helped Fong fill up the hours of the day. “My typical day is to wake up at noon, go on a hike, study for the Advanced Placement Tests, do some homework, make some Tik Toks and shoot some hoops,” he said.

Fong has been sheltering with his parents and older brother. However, life without a public environment, such as school, has taken a toll on his well-being. “I miss seeing people I’m not close with but still interact with at school,” he said. Fong misses the day-to-day contact with dozens of other students he’d receive during school. However, he still maintains contact with his closest friends. “I still manage to talk to my friends pretty often on calls and Messenger,” Fong said.

So far, there have been many positive aspects of quarantine for Fong. “I have more free time now and have been sleeping more, so I think I have been growing,” he said. “Also, I have more time to just do what I want so I can get a lot done in a day.”

Social distancing is a sacrifice that most people have made for the sake of the community. To adhere to these guidelines, Fong has been able to replace in-person hangouts with group video calls instead. “I feel like social distancing is effective, but it’s hard being isolated for such a long time,” he said. “Though Google Hangouts is making it easier.” Staying at home all day can be tough, but finding the right schedule and taking advantage of the free time, as Fong has, can help with the boredom.

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