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Photo illustration by Julianna Chang and Clair Koo


From sweats to trendy outfits, shelter-in-place fashion fits are definitely a big deal right now. Some are  taking this time to put emphasis on their style in a way they couldn’t during school. Others are taking a  different route, wearing items that are more in their comfort zone. On social media platforms, people around the world are finding ways to share their looks during this pandemic. Getting ready for the day, just like during school, helps many feel more motivated to stay active or and get work done. On the other hand, many find that comfort is key in this time of chaos. Nevertheless, it seems that everyone has found their perfect stay-at-home outfit.

Athletic wear

With students stuck at home for at least a few more weeks, it’s essential that we keep ourselves entertained and sane; working out is one of the easiest ways to do so. Although it might be difficult to force yourself to exercise when a plethora of junk food and Netflix lie in the next room, it’s important to stay active. No matter what exercise you plan to do, whether it’s practicing a sport or the Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred, the outfit you choose matters. In these photos, you can see my carefully chosen outfit for the last day of my workout program. On top, I have on an old volleyball practice shirt, which is my favorite workout item because of the dark lightweight material. I paired it with white Lululemon shorts and Nike tennis shoes to complete the look.

Venturing outside

Due to California’s stay-at-home orders, traveling outside the house is a rare event. But, one of those unique events, when stepping outside or looking out a window, is seeing a plethora of Palo Altans strolling through the neighborhood streets. Walks not only allow us to stay active and get the blood moving in our bodies, but they also provide the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air. Though, when  stepping out of the house, it’s essential to be fully clothed.

The first item is simple but also crucial: the T-shirt. A cute old camp T-shirt or one you have gotten for free works excellently. Next, you have bottoms. The weather has increasingly warmed up, so the best option is your most comfortable pair of running shorts. They can either match perfectly with your old camp T-shirt or clash—whatever works for you. Then, we have shoes. A simple everyday shoe, such as a tennis shoe or sandal, works perfectly for walks. To finish off the outfit is the newly required face mask.

Working from home

While we are confined to the comfort of our homes, it’s easy to remain in pajamas and lounge around, looping through hours of YouTube or TikTok while fostering the bad habit of unproductivity. However, I have found that forcing myself to get out of bed, get dressed and put on a light layer of makeup not only makes me feel better, but increases productivity by allowing myself to get schoolwork done more efficiently; getting ready like I would for school helps recreate the school setting which encourages me to do schoolwork inside of laying in bed.

On a hot day, I would wear a dress, skirt or shorts matched with a nice T-shirt. On a cooler one, I put on jeans or other pants paired with a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. To finish the look, I accompany it with jewelry and a belt. If you’re struggling to get everything done, try swapping sweatpants for jeans–it will make a difference.

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