Departing teachers reflect on time teaching: Paulette Sato

Annika Bereny, Centerfold Editor

After spending three years teaching English, Paulette Sato plans on taking a leave of absence for the upcoming school year, during which time she will move to Southern California. “I will be moving down to Pasadena for a year to help out with family, teach more yoga and possibly teach English part-time,” she said.

Sato will look back fondly on some of her memorable moments at Gunn, especially the many projects her students have created in class. Her favorite memories are rooted in reenactments of Shakespeare scenes, like those from “Hamlet” and “Macbeth,” that students put on. “The acting skits from ‘Hamlet,’ ‘Macbeth,’ and the creative projects students did were hilarious and also very impressive,” she said. A few she specifically remembers include scenes from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and a student’s spoken word poem.

Even though her leave of absence will be short lived, Sato will miss both students and staff, as well as helping those in her classes grow both as writers and creatives. When asked about her favorite parts of teaching, Sato emphasized the student experience. “Connecting with the students, helping them realize their potential, how creative they are, and how amazing they can be,” she said.

Lastly, Sato noted how much this position has affected her life. “I have learned a lot at Gunn,” Sato said. “I have met some wonderful students and have made some meaningful connections with staff members.”