Updates on frequently asked questions about COVID-19 changes

What’s the status of graduation and prom?

Graduation has been moved to December of 2020.


What’s the status of summer school?

Summer school has been moved online, including the summer living skills classes.


What does it mean to get credit?

To get credit means that you have completed the class and received the 5 or 10 credits for it. The definition of credit varies by teacher, so if you get no credit on a single assignment, it doesn’t necessarily mean your entire grade is a no credit. If it was a graduation requirement, you will have to retake the class, as you need the credit to graduate. 


Is school going to start early or late?

The Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) has stated that they presume that we will start at the normal time (early to mid august) even if distance learning has to be implemented. They also stated in a board meeting on May 12th that the fall semester will bring back letter grades. 


How will credit/no credit look on my transcript?

The classes you took in the second semester of this school year will appear on your transcript as you receiving credit or no credit for the class. There will be no grades attached—not even a pass or fail—and your GPA will not be affected.


How will this affect college admissions?

Due to many districts like PAUSD switching to credit/no credit or pass/fail, colleges will have to be more lenient regarding academic records and students should focus more on their extracurriculars and hobbies to distinguish themselves in applications.