How to spend the ten minute passing period, according to the Oracle

On Mondays, the ten-minute passing periods add up to nearly an hour. If you’re not busy with a Zoom glitch, some last-minute schoolwork, or a much-needed micro-nap, using this idle time can make all the difference. Here are four pastimes for your passing period.

1. Find some fresh air. Normally, we’d be walking through hallways filled with chatter, en route to our next class. Instead, stretch or take a brisk stroll around the block! Remember, we’re not statues glued to our chairs, even though it may feel like it.

2. Feeling bored by the latest Zoom lecture? Start a puzzle. Whether this is a crossword or a jigsaw puzzle, a bit of brainwork is a great way to break up the monotony. You may need to work in bite-size chunks, but the long-term satisfaction and the intellectual challenge are worth it.

3. Give yourself a change of scenery. Move around your house and allow yourself to greet family members. An active task like watering houseplants or grabbing a quick snack takes your eyesand mindoff the screen. Better yet, try setting up an alternative Zoom location to switch things up.

4. Relax with some music. Listening to a favorite song can lighten your mood in a matter of minutes. If you play an instrument, sounding out a few chords might also clear your mind. Virtual school can be all sorts of awkward, overwhelming, and strange; remember to take some time for yourself every now and then.