Update: Santa Clara county one step closer to school reopenings

As of Sept. 8, Santa Clara County has moved from a “purple” to “red” status on the California COVID-19 monitoring system, a status that, if maintained for 14 days, could allow schools to reopen in the fall. However, district guidelines guarantee that schools will stay closed until Oct. 12—at the earliest.

“If (and it’s an if) Santa Clara moves from [“purple” status to “red” status] on Sept. 8, schools COULD reopen for in-person as soon as Sept. 22,” superintendent Don Austin said in a Sept. 1 tweet. “[Palo Alto Unified School District] would NOT return for large-scale in-person until a minimum of Oct. 12 as previously stated.”

The school board meeting on September 22nd will discuss a reopening plan; however, it is unlikely that Gunn will open up immediately on Oct. 12. The district has made it clear that priority will be given to reopening elementary schools before secondary schools, according to Gunn School Board Representative Thomas Li. 

Li, for his part, stressed viewing the situation realistically. “I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions,” he said. “There are still many difficult decisions and details the district needs to make before schools may reopen.”

This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available.