Quick, appetizing breakfasts to prepare before distance learning


Madeleine Chen


Oatmeal is a perfect breakfast before school: it’s quick, filling and takes no longer than five minutes to make in the morning. Instant oats are ideal for an easy, one minute breakfast–just add some water or milk, a touch of salt and cinnamon if desired, and pop in the microwave. Oatmeal provides endless possibilities of preparation, whether it’s stove-top, microwaved or baked. Furthermore, there’s no shortage of toppings, such as granola, fruit or nut butter. A quick tip is to try to include a variety of toppings that make for a filling and nutritious breakfast: include some almond or oat milk and a spoonful of nut butter for protein, and a handful of frozen berries for fiber. 


Smoothies also serve as a delicious and quick breakfast, and can include multiple food groups. There is room for personal creativity when choosing ingredients, yet an ideal smoothie before school should follow a similar structure: frozen fruit, such as berries or bananas, a handful of dark greens (don’t worry, you won’t be able to taste them!), and some sort of milk or juice for easy blending. Smoothies are also perfect to sip during Zoom classes, and can easily be transformed into smoothie bowls with a variety of toppings for a fulfilling hands-on eating experience.


An age-old breakfast, toast, is particularly convenient to grab before an online class. Similarly to oatmeal, toast provides a multitude of toppings that make it nutritious as well as appetizing. Some of the most popular ways to enjoy toast is with your choice of nut butter or Nutella: these spreads are filling and add another texture component to toast. Peanut or almond butter is creamy and flavorful, while Nutella is rich and sweet. Either are effective methods to add protein and have a great start to your day.