Gunn prepares for annual Peninsula-wide trivia hunt

From Feb. 31 to March 3, the Millard Fillmore Trivia Club will compete in the annual Millard Fillmore Trivia Hunt. Teams from across the Peninsula will receive a list of questions on Friday afternoon and will have until 7 p.m. that Sunday to find not only answers, but print sources proving them. “The questions themselves are not always difficult; it’s the documentation we have to find,” club advisor Lynne Navarro said.

On March 3, adjudication, when the points are tallied, will take place at Gunn with all competing teams present. “The answer has to be absolutely accurate, including punctuation and spelling,” Navarro said. “That’s where people lose the most points.” Most of the research occurs in libraries, but some of the questions lead participants around town to, for example, take a photo with the oldest person they can find.

The trivia hunt requires many skills, including perseverance, teamwork and communication skills, according to club president senior Brittany Westly. “You have to talk to [your teammates] and see who has the answer, who’s searching for what, and who’s where to be able to find it,” she said. As well as drawing on existing skills, the trivia hunt teaches new ones. “It teaches [participants] how to do actual research instead of just Googling things, which I think is a skill that we are losing,” Navarro said.

According to Westly, the team is looking for additional students to take part in the hunt. The club meets on Wednesdays at lunch in C4, and there will be an informational meeting for participants after school on Jan. 29 in the library.


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