SEC celebrates Black History Month, black historical figures

Each February, Gunn celebrates Black History Month as the Student Executive Council (SEC) plans a series of events to commemorate and celebrate Black history and Black figures.

SEC Diversity Commissioner junior Inés Garcia is in charge of this year’s preparations. “We’ve decided we are going to do a similar format to National Hispanic Heritage Month where we have a theme for each of the four weeks,” she said. “The themes will be [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math], leadership, athletics and humanities, and we’ve gone and selected figures for each week.”

Throughout the month, SEC highlights monumental, current and historical Black figures. “Our goal is also to feature people who don’t get talked about that much and have made some impacts more recently in our nation’s history,” Garcia said. “For humanities, we want to talk about Jason Reynolds and Amanda Gorman, two writers who’ve made some impact recently.”

SEC is partnering with the district’s 21-Day Equity Challenge, which was created in honor of Black History Month. According to Garcia, SEC will also be creating a playlist recognizing various Black artists.

Student Activities Director Lisa Hall has also helped Garcia organize these events. “There are a lot of different people in our society that are contributing and they don’t necessarily get the recognition and the acknowledgment of their contributions,” Hall said.

In addition, to help students further understand Black History, Garcia and the other members of SEC have made different infographics, many of which are posted on their social media and have been shared on SEC’s Instagram account.