Which type of online student are you?


Jenna Han


Question 1: Where do you work?
a. At an organized desk.
b. My room.
c. Wherever I can.
d. In my bed.


Question 2: What can you be found doing during class time?
a. Taking notes.
b. Trying not to fall asleep.
c. Arguing with parents or siblings.
d. Texting friends.


Question 3: What is the main reason why you would have your video off during class?
a. I have bad WiFi.
b. Because I don’t feel like having it on.
c. My siblings are making faces behind me.
d. To hide the fact that I’m on my phone.


Question 4: What is your favorite part about distance learning?
a. The fact that I learn much better and feel more engaged.
b. Nothing, it sucks!
c. I get to see my family all day every day!
d. All the free time I have to do what I want!


Question 5: When do you do your homework?
a. Either I multitask during class, or right after school.
b. When I have time.
c. Whenever I’m not busy with chores or housework.
d. Wait, we get homework?


Question 6: What do you do during Gunn Together?
a. Uh… pay attention… isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?
b. Die from boredom.
c. I can’t hear it because it’s too noisy.
d. I don’t even click the link.


Question 7: Where is your phone during class?
a. Charging somewhere that’s not my desk.
b. Next to me.
c. My siblings are using it to play games.
d. Glued to my hand.


Question 8: Do you go to Office Hours?
a. Of course! it’s a great resource.
b. Sure, when I have time.
c. Nope, too busy.
d. What are Office Hours?


Question 9: When I take a test, I…
a. Try my best.
b. Plow through it.
c. Try to focus with my fingers in my ears.
d. Google all the answers.



If you answered mostly A’s: It’s a dream come true! Schools being forced to run online was one of the best things that has happened to you yet. No more trudging across campus and having forced conversations.

If you answered mostly B’s: This is the worst nightmare possible. For you, distance learning is the absolute worst. You barely know your classmates, and every day your eyes feel like they’re melting out of your head.

If you answered mostly C’s: You can’t tell the difference between home and school anymore. You’re not a bad student, and you try to do your best, but your school and home life are bleeding together.

If you answered mostly D’s: I mean…is this really considered school? You’re the type of person who joins class, says “here” for attendance and sleeps through the rest of the lesson.