Tea party tips: How to organize a socially distanced tea party


Although afternoon tea is traditionally hosted inside, when trying to social distance, an outside setting is preferable. Look for a location close by: a great option is any park in your area, or even a large backyard, as long as it’s somewhere with enough space to spread out. Right now, it might be safest to avoid popular attractions. When securing a location, it’s important to take into account other factors such as the weather, popularity of the spot, views or other activities to do—whichever is important to you.

When planning the menu for a tea party, there are many directions to explore. You can go with the traditional route of finger sandwiches and cookies, or try a potluck style event where everyone contributes to the table. Another idea would be to try new foods with your friends. Popular food trends such as charcuterie boards, four-fold quesadillas, cloud bread, avocado toast, and minimalist cakes ofter creative snack inspirations . Another must-have item on the menu is tea. But what kind? When there are many incredible types, it’s all up to what you like or want to try. For an afternoon tea there’s traditional blends and herbal teas, or you can modernize with a boba tea.


Once a location is finalized, the next step is setting up. This would include setting out pillows and blankets. A good idea would be to use a waterproof blanket to catch any spills. Gathering plates, cups, napkins, other utensils and possibly a small personal desk is often forgotten but just as important. Another fun addition could be setting a theme to base decorations or outfits around: it can be anything, as simple or as complex as wanted. Although decorations can be individualized for a theme, it can also include simple things like flowers, candles, balloons or even a special matching tea set. Make sure everyone is being safe by using masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves or shields if needed.