Turning the page: Titan Journal of High School Research

Turning the page: Titan Journal of High School Research

Annika Bereny, Lifestyle Editor

Time at home has allowed many students to discover interests that they love. For those who enjoy doing deep dives into topics that excite them, the Titan Journal of High School Research is the perfect place to publish well-researched papers on academic subjects.

The research journal, a newly-chartered club that meets on Mondays, is a place where students can have their research papers edited and published by a dedicated group of students. One of these students is club president junior Clair Koo. “When I looked into a bunch of opportunities to share my work, I realized that there weren’t many platforms oriented towards high school students,” she said. Koo also noted that with other research publishers, there is a competitive dynamic between high schoolers and older college students who have access to more resources and higher education.

Club logistics director junior Albert Dong agreed that the club is a welcome respite from all of the publications oriented toward older students. “It’s a good way for Gunn students with research experience or students who want to do research to be able to publish it and get it out there,” he said. “It’s more accessible.”

Dong also encouraged students to submit papers to the journal. “Doing research is a really good idea for high schoolers because it’s a good way to get experience writing in ways that you’re going to be doing in higher education,” he said. “Writing classic five-paragraph essays is great right now, but in the future, you’re going to be writing longer papers and more analytical things, so doing research is a good way to get experience with that.”