Retiring staff: Peggy Syverston

Speech-language pathologist Peggy Syverston is retiring at the end of this school year, after eight years at Gunn. As a speech therapist, she helped students with communication disorders work on their grammar, social skills, and how to communicate with an iPad.

Syverston shared some of her favorite memories from her time at Gunn, such as the annual Special Olympics event where she got to know, help out, and have fun with kids all across the district. “It’s my favorite memory to go out there and to spend the day with all the kids in the district,” she said. “They all run as much as they can and throw and play games.” 

Syverston also shared a favorite story of hers that happened in Amy Anderson’s physical education (PE) class, with adaptive PE teacher, Angel Sheridan. “We worked with kids to get them to interact socially with their peers,” Syverston said. 

There are a lot of Gunn traditions to witness and take part in. One that Syverston will miss is the senior paper toss on the last day of school. Another fun memory is helping her students ask someone to homecoming, “I will miss trying to teach some of my kids how to ask somebody out to homecoming dance,” she said. “That was always fun to do.”

After retirement, Syverston plans on moving up to Humboldt County where she will teach part-time at the local college, and plan on doing more things she enjoys, including hiking, cooking, and remodeling her house. Still, she won’t forget the bonds she’s made with students and staff. “I’m gonna miss the people and the kids the most,” she said. “I won’t miss the paperwork.”