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Courtesy of Jessica Zang

Staffer raises family orchids

Taking care of a houseplant reminds me of taking care of a child. You have to remember to feed it, water it and occasionally help it get some sun. If it’s feeling under the weather, you have to gently nurse it back to health; if it’s thriving, you have to make sure it stays that way.

My family has a tradition of buying orchids as presents during the holidays, and when you first walk into our house, two potted orchids adorn the shelf along the hallway. The larger one is white, with marshmallow-like petals. The smaller one boasts flowers dotted with magenta and cream. The orchids are special; I can’t remember if we’ve ever gone a day without my parents cooing over them or taking pictures of them in the sunlight.

Orchids, like all other houseplants, are not mere ornaments—they are also living organisms that can be used as a way of practicing responsibility, bonding with your family and learning how to care for others.

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