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Chinyoung Shao

Back-to-school fashion: Catherine Chu

On any given day, black is an essential part of my style choice. No matter the season, a black shirt or jacket is the perfect starting point for any outfit, not to mention the classic black leggings that can never go wrong. I’ve even started wearing black shoes to complete the look. Recently though, my style has upgraded to wearing The Oracle sweatshirt at any given time.

For the rare occasions when I want to add variety to my wardrobe, I will accessorize with a scarf or a headband. Ever since fourth grade, headbands have integrated themselves into my daily life, leading me to show up in one almost every day. Over time, I have learned that metal headbands hold my hair up better, but silk ones are more comfortable for my ears. Furthermore, plaid scarves are my favorite.

Finally, my backpack is still the generic Jansport one I’ve had since eighth grade, and my emotional attachment to it makes me turn a blind eye to its slowly fraying straps.

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