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Michelle Koo

Sophomore advice: Arjun Shah

Class of 2024: like many of you last year, I logged into my first Zoom class with absolutely no idea of what the year of learning would entail. What followed were two chaotic semesters filled with endless Zoom meetings and change. As you all prepare for your first in-person school year, it is crucial that you receive some guidance to help navigate sophomore year.

While teachers have been more flexible during the past year of virtual learning, expect stricter deadlines for sophomore year. To help manage this increased workload, try using a planner to organize all of your academic, extracurricular and social activities. I’d recommend using a technique called “time-blocking,” which is essentially the practice of outlining what you will be doing for every hour of the week. In addition to “time-blocking,” you should also write down a list of tasks for a given week so that you can remember to do them and feel a sense of accomplishment as you gradually check them off your list.

As you enter sophomore year, you may feel increasing pressure to participate in extracurriculars for your college applications. Instead of participating in activities for the sake of filling up your resume, try different activities to find what interests you. Once you have found a few activities that you genuinely enjoy, it will be easier for you to succeed; participating in these activities won’t be a chore, but rather a fun way to spend your free time.

I wish you the best of luck as you begin this new journey. I encourage you to face the new challenges in your future with an open mind, and if you ever need help, do not be too afraid to ask for it.

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