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Chinyoung Shao

Back-to-school fashion: Mia Knezevic

To pick out an outfit for school, I begin with bottoms. My primary consideration for choosing clothing is the weather; I add or subtract layers depending on the temperature. On colder days, I usually opt for pants. Recently, I have been into different styles of jeans—my favorites being my mom’s Levis jeans from the 1980s—as well as colored corduroy pants. On warmer days, I opt for a floral or pleated skirt or plain jean shorts.

After choosing bottoms, I select a top that complements the color scheme of my outfit. Some of my favorite styles and prints include polka dots and argyle sweater vests. Additionally, color-coordinated jackets are practical and often necessary for colder mornings, although they can be difficult to carry around in warmer afternoons.

Finally, I accessorize with simple jewelry, such as a pearl necklace or bandana. I add my backpack, which is a neutral gray, to finish out a minimalist look. Inside my backpack is my lunchbox, a simple black-and-white patterned bag to match any outfit.

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