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Freshmen advice: Lise Desveaux

Congratulations, class of 2025! You made it to high school. This is the place you’ve seen countless times in movies and TV shows, back when you were wondering what it would be like to finally make it. Let me tell you, even though my freshman year was different because of the pandemic, I had a great experience with the little time I had on campus.

Being a freshman is hard. The Gunn campus can be intimidating, but a good way to feel more comfortable is to meet up with friends and make new ones. Setting up a time and place to meet with friends between classes and at lunch will make you feel less awkward, and I am certain that there will be students with similar interests and hobbies in your classes. Even if you feel like you don’t have the courage to go and talk to people, I can guarantee that with time, you will start to bond with other students. There’s also a large variety of clubs at Gunn, for any and all interests, where you can meet students with the same passions as you. Plus, if there isn’t a club that speaks to you, you can create one.

Also, don’t be scared to talk to your teachers! They are here to guide you through the curriculum, so never hesitate to ask for help. They have resources such as PRIME if you need help, and I greatly encourage you to use these given times. In addition to teachers, counselors, advisors and admins are great resources to talk to. Use them if you need them.

I know we are still in uncertain times with the pandemic, but I really hope that you will have at least a semi-normal school year. Freshman year is an important time to you can get to know yourself and others, so make the most of it! Welcome to Gunn, and good luck!

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