Lumos: The Oracle spotlights five magical campus locations

The Library

While it might not have a Restricted Section or any “Monster Books of Monsters,” the library is a great place to study, relax and hang out with friends. Reserve a private study room or check out the outdoor Acorn Lounge, where you can eat and study beneath the shade of an oak tree.

The Wellness Center

This is the place to go if you need help with mental health, want to relax with friends or meet new ones. If you want a quick snack, you can head here, too.

The N-Building Staircase

These grand steps are a great place to talk to friends, eat lunch and hang out before class

Spangenburg Theater

Located in the middle of the school, this theater is nearly impossible to miss. Rumor has it that there’s a pool on top. (I’m just yanking your wand. There isn’t really.)


Unfortunately, we don’t have any broom-flying classes or Quidditch tournaments, but our track, named after track coach Hal Daner, is where physical education classes and football games take place.