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Chinyoung Shao

Back-to-school fashion: Sophia Stern

At school, my outfits are a reflection of my attitude; I put in the most effort to look nice on the first day, but as the year goes on, my motivation to dress up diminishes. However, since I haven’t had many opportunities to show off my favorite clothes in the past year, I am looking forward to picking outfits for school.

I have two staple outfits for my two moods at school, each of which can be customized with accessories, jackets and shoes. For days when I feel more motivated, a nice pair of jeans with a white tank top is one of my go-tos. If I want to look like I put in effort, I add lots of jewelry, a headband or patterned jacket. Another outfit I have been into recently is matching my skirt and top. The set looks really put-together but doesn’t require much thought or effort.

For days when waking up is tough, though, I turn to a pair of sweatpants or leggings. I put on a graphic T-shirt or one of my favorite hoodies, and I’m pretty much ready for the day. The sweatpants look is one of my favorites during finals week, when my fashion is the last thing on my mind.

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