Humor: Experiences to look forward to back on campus

The sound of the bell

Ah, yes. Who can forget one of the most memorable sounds on campus? Just when you finally get back into the groove of taking notes (or not), the bell is always there to interrupt your thoughts. Of course, it also means a break from class, even if it’s just a 10-minute passing period.

The long trek across campus

When Zooming for school, it was easy to neglect exercising. While some students had physical education class, most sat in chairs all day long. Luckily, returning to campus gives everyone no choice but to get up and walk every 90 minutes or so. Don’t we all love looking at our schedules and discovering that two classes are on opposite sides of campus?

The weight of your backpack

In addition to the treks from class to class, returning to campus also means working out your back and shoulder muscles. Each class’s binder or notebook, plus the added weight of a computer, can really add up. Bonus points come from the textbooks you’re sure to get in the first few weeks. Expect to be sore from the return of extra weight on your back.

Getting homework done before class

Now that we’re back on campus, passing period isn’t free time. You can no longer do last-minute assignments from the comfort of your desk. It’s also a lot harder to hide while working on other classwork during class. Excuses to turn off your camera like “my internet isn’t working” or “I have annoying siblings making faces behind me” won’t help you anymore.