Fast, easy homemade lunches to pack for school


You can never go wrong with a sandwich. As long as you have the ingredients—which, of course, are totally up to you—a sandwich can be made and packaged in under three minutes. Some common and delicious options are a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a ham and cheese sandwich or a BLT with chipotle aioli. Pair it with some fruit, and you’re good to go!

Instant Noodles

For the lazy student, instant noodles can be a delicious lifesaver. Although they are not the healthiest option, instant noodles are easy to make. Pop them into the microwave or quickly cook them in boiling water. When finished, place the noodles into a thermos so you can pack it easily. If you’re looking to spice your ramen up, consider adding soy sauce, an egg or some brown sugar for a richer experience.

Pre-Packaged Salad

If you’re looking for a nutritious meal that skips the lengthy preparation process, pre-packaged salad is for you. Green, leafy and somewhat appetizing, pre-packaged salads fit easily into your backpack or lunchbox and are easy to come across at any grocery store, such as Trader Joe’s. With ranch or a simple vinaigrette, you can turn a box of leaves into a hearty meal.


For mornings when cooking is not an option, leftovers are a great choice. Dinner leftovers are often healthier and more filling than other lunches, and they are a great way to clear space in the fridge without being wasteful. Whether from a recent hearty breakfast or yesterday’s dinner, leftovers can be easily packaged and transported.