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Paul Garofalo

Hidden gems: Grassy haven

A hidden gem area at Gunn is an area that is peaceful, comforting and quiet. Taking two lefts after exiting the library, one can find a grassy area that fits all of those definitions. The three walls block most of the pandemonium from the lunch line, and the sign provides a haven against the occasional car that flows by. Four cheerfully shaggy and verdant trees loom above the grass, shading a perfect atmosphere to savor a scrumptious lunch or to concentrate on a vigorous study session.

On any given day during lunch, there are several groups of students that luxuriate in the area. One group, mostly seniors, discovered this area in their freshmen year and have never left it since. Some enjoy lunch sitting on the grass, some in the bushes, some on the wood chips and some on the bench. 

However, lunch is not the only time that students are there. Occasionally, one can find students studying or alleviating stress there after school, though it is usually more than thirty minutes after the last period is dismissed, as it becomes highly congested with the incoming traffic on Arastradero. 

Overall, this area can be considered as underappreciated and thus a hidden gem. If you are looking for a new place to fancy or a first-rate study area, give this place a chance and it might suit you well. 


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