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CREAM, an ice cream shop located on University Avenue in Palo Alto, began with the Shamieh brothers’ childhood ice cream made by their mother. Today, it is a well known family-run ice cream shop with multiple locations across the Bay Area.

They have many locations across California and are famous for their handcrafted ice cream sandwiches. CREAM also serves ice cream and other desserts in a variety of ways, including sundaes, cakes, tacos and milkshakes. If you’re looking for a warm treat, CREAM also provides many flavors of freshly baked cookies.

Some flavors at CREAM are paired with whimsical and humorous names such as Chocoholic and Very Berry Strawberry. CREAM also provides vegan friendly and gluten-free options.

CREAM’s ice cream lives up to its name: it is fluffy, soft and creamy without being too sweet. One popular flavor is the classic chocolate, which is rich and creamy without being sickeningly sweet. Another highly rated combination is their ice cream taco with three scoops of Cookies and Cream, which comes in a crunchy taco-shaped waffle cone that tastes fresh, is crispy and does not get soggy.

Next time you’re around University Avenue, take a look inside a little ice cream shop called CREAM, and you might be surprised with the delightful treats you find.

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