Humor: entertaining activities to do during PRIME


The P in PRIME stands for personal, so go ahead and take some time for yourself! School is exhausting enough as is, so use this period to have a nice relaxing spa day. Bring a clay mask that you can apply to your forehead, and if you’re feeling like it, take some cucumber slices from home to put over your eyes. Turn on some relaxing music and let yourself rest. If a teacher asks why you are doing this, say it’s for personal reasons.


R is for reteaching, so use this time to teach yourself a cool new skill, like shoe-making. Learning the lost art of cobblery can help you get ready for the holiday season, since shoes make great gifts for your family or your teachers. Even your goldfish would enjoy a fresh pair of handmade kicks. Pull up a YouTube video from one of the greats or consult one of the many famous Palo Alto cobblers guidance.


The I is for intervention. If you ever feel like your class is too boring or quiet, bust out your speaker and have a dance party. Play some funky music that will get everyone up on their feet, do some cool dance moves like the Irish Jig or even organize a flash mob with your friends. Intervene in class and make it more interesting. Add some spice to your and your fellow classmates’ day.


M is for mentorship. For PRIME, you should become your own mentor and teach yourself about Gunn culture, by going to Bol Park. During class, say you need to use the restroom and go to the park. Right next to the N building, there’s a little path that takes you directly to the donkeys. One of Gunn’s best features is its proximity to Bol Park and the donkeys, so use your time wisely and take a nice refreshing walk to visit our furry friends.


E is for enrichment, and after a long hard day of advanced classes, you deserve to be able to use this class to take a fat nap. Enrich yourself with a wonderful hour of sleep so that when you get home, you can get started on your mountain of homework or go to practice feeling well-rested. I’d recommend bringing a hoodie or jacket so you can use it as a pillow or an eye mask to block out the light.