This semester’s fall sports captains reflect on teams’ return to campus


1. Girls golf

Girls golf team co-captain senior Athina Chen has high hopes for improvement throughout the golf season. “We have done well in some tournaments, but we’d like to do a little bit better in the second half of the season,” she said. “We’re just trying to shoot our best every time and keep doing well.”

2. Cross country

Cross country team captain junior Paige Yun shares how the team’s season has progressed. “I think that the season’s gone really well,” Yun said. “We have a lot of new members, so we’re just getting them used to the courses we run, since it’s our first time back in over 20 months. It’s been really exciting to go back and race the courses we raced freshman year. We want to keep training, getting faster and making personal records.”

3. Girls water polo

Girls water polo team captain senior Siham Arsalane outlines the rest of the season. “The season is going pretty well,” Arsalane said. “We’re looking to compete in the league championship, and then hopefully we’re going to get into the Central Coast Sectionals (CCS). We’ve reached the halfway mark, and we have gathered together to try and improve on what we didn’t do at the beginning of the season.”

4. Girls volleyball

Girls volleyball team captain senior Micaela Leong expresses her worries and hopes for the rest of the season. “The season hasn’t gone as great as we were hoping, but we’re looking to pick it up,” Leong said. “We’re looking to play our hardest against some of the bigger teams that have more experience than we do.”

5. Football

Football team captain senior Eric Wang reflects on the season so far. “[The season] has gone pretty well,” Wang said. “We lost one game. We’re still 3-1, so I’ll take it. We haven’t really met my expectations, but a lot of people have been stepping up. For myself, I just want to do better. As a team, I want us to go undefeated in the league and make it to playoffs.”

6. Girls tennis

Girls tennis team captain senior Elise Naddell explains the challenges her team has faced through the season. “I think the team is doing really great,” Naddell said. “We had a couple injuries in the beginning of the season for some of our top players, which hindered us for practice matches. Now that we’re really going into the season and playing league matches, we’re doing a lot better. This year, we’re really trying to boost communication and teamwork, especially because tennis is an individual sport and it’s harder to do that. Also, we had a whole year online when not many people were on the team, so we’re trying to bring that teamwork back.”

7. Boys water polo

Boys water polo team senior captain Isaac Zelkha describes his expectations for the team. “So far, I’m pretty impressed,” Zelkha said. “We’re 5-0 in the league, and we’re looking to go undefeated and place highly in CCS. I think that that’s possible, since so far we’ve beaten every team we’ve played.”

8. Dance

Dance team captain senior McKenna Englhardt is excited to be back in person again. “The season’s been really good so far,” Englhardt said. “It’s exciting to be back in-person and to have live performances because last year we could only put together videos on our own. Prepping for Homecoming week is always a lot of work because we do a lot of dances, but it’s been really fun this year. For the rest of the season, we will be doing some competitions.”