Monthly highlights: Homecoming

Seniors squeeze close together to fit as many students into the square as possible for Stuff-a-Square, Monday’s brunch game.

I had so much fun dressing up for the themes, participating in Airbands and performing with my dance team.”

— Sophie Nam, 9

Juniors Wyatt Pederson and Julian Santos lead a line of juniors facing off against the freshmen in Tug-of-War, Monday’s lunch game.

I like the school spirit. I really like how it brings everyone together under one purpose.”

— Alan Yen, 10

Sophomore Ethan Kitch takes shot from a corner of the free throw line during Wednesday’s lunch game.

I really like Night Rally. It was my first time leading the rally, and it was really fun.”

— Pooja Bucklin, 11

Junior Evan Gold dives into the pool for Thursday’s lunch game, a pool relay race in which grades swam through multiple challenges.

I like all the class competition. I like all the shouting and how within each class, everyone can actually get along well together for one time in the year.”

— Maya Glazer, 12

The cheer team performs a three-level pyramid for their Night Rally routine on Thursday.


Seniors gather together for the last part of their Night Rally Airbands performance, lifting up their light-up bracelets to finish their routine.


Photos by Yoochan An, Gracie Easton and Naomi Wang