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Irene Hong

Sophomore Noah Huerta

Sophomore Noah Huerta’s favorite part of Día de los Muertos is the memories he makes with his friends and family.
He has many fun memories from the holiday, but one stands out in particular. “One special instance is all of us were going out to buy pan de muerto,” he said. “That year we were actually able to make pan de muerto at the store because there was a special event at Northgate store where we could make our own bread.”
Huerta and his family take part in many traditions over the holiday in addition to making pan de
muerto. “We usually make sugar skulls and get pan de muerto,” he said. “We stack the ofrenda with food we think they would like.”
According to Huerta, Día de los Muertos is a day to celebrate and remember the dead. “You can celebrate anybody,’’ he said. “You can celebrate distant family that you haven’t met, pets and even famous people.”
Huerta enjoys the food and decorations, but his favorite part of the holiday is being able to celebrate
those who have passed. “My favorite part is just being able to remember and celebrate those we have lost,”he said. “I like to think about the memories we had when they were around.”
This year, Huerta is looking forward to celebrating the holiday again. “I am looking forward to getting together with my family and celebrating even better than we did last year.”


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