Winter sports athletes anticipate outcome of the season

Boys soccer

Junior Jude Harden is excited about the new members on the soccer team. “We got some new players: some sophomores, juniors and seniors,” he said. “We have a good core from last year, so I think we are going to have a good season.”

Harden hopes to help take the team even further than where they went last year. “We won the league last year and qualified for CCS,” he said. “This year, I hope to go a bit further and win some preseason tournaments, too.” Their current record is 1-0.


Senior Amar Srivastava expects a good upcoming wrestling season. “I think it’s going to go really well,” he said. “We have quite a few new wrestlers, and they all seem super promising.”

Srivastava is also eager to improve both individually and as a team. “I think my level of commitment and motivation has increased. We have a new coach, and he puts emphasis on working very hard.”


Cheer flyer freshman Nia Porter hopes the cheer team can continue to improve in the winter season. “I think the cheer season is going to go well because the fall season went really well,” she said. “I think we’ve come really far and can just continue to improve. I’m looking forward to accomplishing more and seeing how we grow as a team this season.”

Girls basketball

Point guard and team captain senior Mollie Kuelker has high expectations for the upcoming season. “I think [the season] is going to be better than last season because we have a lot of new players who are going to be a great addition to our team,” she said. “We are hopefully going to bond as a team and get wins from that [chemistry]. We’re also looking to just build our program from previous years because we have had some really low numbers [in the past].” Their current record is 2-0.

Boys basketball

Shooting guard sophomore Ethan Kitch is looking forward to his first year on the varsity boys basketball team. “We definitely have the personnel to do very well,” Kitch said. “I think that what’s going to determine our success, is how well we can adapt to obstacles and playing with full effort all the way through.”

Kitch believes that building chemistry within the team will help improve their teamwork. “Our strength is that we have so many guys that can step up rather than one guy carrying the team,” he said. The basket- ball team played three games, all of which they won. “These past games were good confidence builders. It was helpful to see how we’re playing as a team,” he said. Their current record is 3-0.

Girls soccer

Outside forward senior Sawyer McKenna is looking forward to the upcoming soccer season. “I’m excited to see how we can keep improving by the end of the season after having spent longer building our team chemistry,” she said. “It’s really cool to see how we’ve already been growing as a team after just three preseason games.” Their current record is 3-0.