Gunn Style Watch: Senior Anna Toksvig shows off Gunn fashion

Senior Anna Toksvig is constantly scanning Gunn’s campus, searching for students in cool vintage pieces or funky accessories to feature on the Instagram account @gunnstylewatch. Gunn Style Watch was founded in 2017 by former Gunn student Dajiana Huang with the purpose of showcasing students’ unique style. The page aims to promote diversity on the page by featuring a variety of students of different identities.

Toksvig became an admin as a sophomore in 2020.“Gunn Style Watch didn’t have anyone to run it, so [Dajiana] sent out an application,” Toksvig said. “It asked a bunch of questions about photography, style, and what I’d done with fashion. I got picked to run the account.”

Toksvig’s time running the account was interrupted shortly after due to COVID-19. Although Toksvig wasn’t able to post many students at school, she did keep the account active during remote learning. “I did an at-home style watch, which turned out to be pretty fun,” she said. “I’m hoping to do more interactive things, like reviews of big events such as the Met Gala.”

Now, with in-person school, she is working to get the account running again. “I’m getting back into the rhythm of posting again,” Toksvig said. “I’m also finding juniors or sophomores who I can train to take over [the account] later.”

The main characteristic Toksvig looks for when finding students is their behavior in the clothes that they wear. “It’s all about confidence and how people wear the clothes they’re wearing,” she said. “You can be wearing something really interesting and be very reserved and quiet, which doesn’t stand out as much. It’s all about taking chances and wearing something that not everyone would wear and being confident in that choice.”

Gunn Style Watch aims to display a wide array of different fashion interests at Gunn, so Toksvig makes an effort to photograph students who wear outfits that are different from her own style. “We try to be as inclusive as possible, so [we post] outfits that I wouldn’t necessarily wear,” Toksvig said. “I like to challenge myself to find outfits that I think are interesting. This is a big part of making sure that it’s not just my own personal style, despite how all over the place others’ outfits can be.”

Toksvig is proud of Gunn Style Watch because she believes it shows a different, more vibrant side of the Gunn community that people wouldn’t otherwise see. “Gunn Style Watch shows that [Gunn students] do care about something other than academics,” she said. “We have passions other than school, and we like to dress up and wear cool stuff here.”