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Senior Elina Saab-Sunden: Front Desk Clerk

Senior Elina Saab-Sunden has been manning the front desk at Movement Gyms, formerly Planet Granite, since last August.

Saab-Sunden revealed one of her favorite interview questions. “[My gym manager and event staff manager] asked me, ‘If a kid is up on the wall climbing and they get scared and pee their pants, what would you do?’” she said. “My answer was that I would try to distract other kids and see if one of my co-workers could take the rest of my group. Then, I would go to the lost and
found and find some new pants.”

Saab-Sunden explains that this instance almost exactly encapsulates the supportive environment of Movement Gyms. “At Gunn, they talk a lot about community and what that means,” Saab-Sunden said. “I never really understood what people meant when they talked about community until I started working.”
Saab-Sunden’s relationship with her co-workers extends beyond the workplace. “I play on the soccer team, and [one of my co-workers] came to watch my game. He’s a grown-up with his own life, and he chose to come watch my soccer game,” she said.

Work culture aside, Saab-Sunden enjoys the benefits of working at Movement Gyms, such as being able to bring friends to the gym for free and making minimum wage. The money is not what motivates her, though. “Don’t tell my boss, but I’d say that I would work there for free,” Saab-Sunden said. “I love the people that I work with. I love the work that I do. It’s a really good experience all around.”

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