Club fair: From logistics to communities


Sophia Stern

On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, Gunn hosted its spring club fair during lunch. The spring club fair features clubs that will run during the spring and give students exposure to different clubs. The club fair is organized by the Vice President of the SEC along with other SEC members. According to SEC Vice President Jeannie Chung, SEC goes over each club’s logistics, finances and general purpose before organizing the info to plan a layout for the club fair. SEC then files a facility request to allocate the space for the club fair, according to Chung. In the meantime, SEC publicity commissioners create some promotions and spread the word through channels like Schoology, Instagram and Facebook along with traditional posters.

However, not everything works perfectly the first time. Chung recounts one of her team’s challenges organizing the club. “Originally, we were gonna have one day and have it be an extended lunch,” Chung said. “But eventually, we found out that that wasn’t really possible so we decided to stretch it out over two days, Thursday and Friday.”

All this hard work pays off in the end, with both club executives and the student body enjoying the event. President of the Physics and Star Wars clubs Yu-Ting Chang believes that the club fair is an exemplary marketing opportunity. “The existence of club fairs is something I’m grateful for, as they are an essential method for clubs to publicize and find more students,” he said.

Freshman Ayush Agarwal enjoyed his first club fair. “[The club fair] is a great way for students to find communities where people share common interests and feel they belong,” he said.

Even if you don’t think you would like the clubs, Chung still recommends that you go come out anyway. “Things like club fairs really promote activities, events, and a lot of opportunities for people to meet new groups and make new friends and just discover new hobbies and interests that they never really considered before,” she said.