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Chinyoung Shao, Naomi Wang

Math Teacher Kathy Hawes

Thankfully for math teacher and fashion lover Kathy Hawes, the math department does not have a dress code, meaning that teachers are able to choose their day-to-day outfits based on personal preference.

Hawes takes much joy in this freedom because of her love of fashion. “I find getting dressed to be joyful,” she said. “It just gives me pleasure.”

Hawes used to view fashion as complicated. After meeting with stylist Stacy London by coincidence, however, Hawes found dressing fashionably much more accessible. “[The consultant] opened my eyes and made me realize I have more options than I thought,” Hawes said. “I always thought, ‘Oh, I can’t wear that,’ but I actually can.”

Occasionally, Hawes tends to base her outfit on her surroundings. “Sometimes, I just base it around the weather,” she said. “During the summer I typically wear a lot of dresses, but in the winter, it makes me sad because I can’t wear them.”

Though Hawes has many methods for choosing her everyday outfit, one of her favorites is to challenge herself and style a piece she doesn’t normally wear. “A lot of times, I look at my closet and say, ‘I haven’t worn this in a long time,’ she said. “Then, I try to put an outfit together around it.”

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