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Chinyoung Shao, Naomi Wang

Principal Wendy Stratton

Pantsuits, boots and—on special occasions—dresses are Principal Wendy Stratton’s staples. Starting with a blazer, Stratton aims to strike a balance between professional and casual in each outfit she builds, embellishing with a few versatile, minimalist accessories—often gold hoops and a gold necklace.

Stratton’s primary focus when choosing her everyday outfits, however, is to wear pieces that reflect her state of mind. “What I’m wearing impacts how I feel about myself,” she said. “I’ll look through my closet and see what I can put together. If I can’t put up with a bright red outfit or if that’s too much for me, I’ll want to go with something more subdued.”

Even while she’s on the job, Stratton is always paying attention to fashion, often seeking new inspiration for her outfits from the students themselves. She enjoys observing students’ experimentation with clothing styles, and occasionally implements their fashion choices into her own wardrobe. “I don’t really do scarves, but I notice people who do and think, ‘Oh, I should do more scarves,’” she said.

Stratton believes that clothing can define a person. “I’m thoughtful about finding things that are fun, sometimes creative and appropriate,” she said.

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