April 25: World Penguin Day


Raphael Semeria, Managing Editor

Penguins are undeniably popular with their appearances in popular culture, from blockbuster movies like “Penguins of Madagascar” to video games like “Club Penguin” and even supervillians like “The Penguin” in comic books. On April 25, World Penguin Day celebrates penguins and their unique traits and history.

Established in 1972 by Gerry Wallace, World Penguin Day was founded when a group of researchers first noticed that the Adélie penguins’ annual northward migration always started on April 25. Since then, April 25 has become a day to celebrate not just the Adélie, but all penguins alike.

Despite their popularity, many people are unaware that the penguin population is steadily declining. Of the 17 different penguin species, 11 are threatened with extinction. Since penguins naturally thrive in colder climates in areas like Antarctica, penguins are at risk with disturbances caused by global warming. Oil pollution, habitat degradation and human disturbance have also contributed to the species’ decreasing numbers.

To show support on World Penguin Day, donate to foundations focused on penguin conservation, such as the World Wildlife Fund and Global Penguin Society. You can also say hello to penguins at various zoos and aquariums while wearing tuxedos on the day of celebration.