National Make Lunch Count Day


Lunch is often the neglected middle child of our daily meals. During school, many people just skip it entirely, and others just refuse to put the bland school lunch into their mouths. That’s why National Make Lunch Count Day, celebrated on April 13, is a perfect excuse to bring attention to this overlooked meal.

Of course, for such a big holiday, you have to prepare. Stop by your nearby Target and take a stroll down the party aisle. If the stores don’t have decorations for the holiday, use this as an opportunity to get creative. It’s time to bust out the marker set you stole from your second grade classroom and get decorating.

How does one go about celebrating a day dedicated to lunch? For starters, the lunch line had better give gourmet meals—filet mignon, french onion soup and crème brûlée—at the very least. If you usually pack lunch, tell your parents to cook up your favorite dishes and have them delivered piping hot at 12:20 p.m.

National Make Lunch Count Day is also a day to take advantage of the lunchtime you have. Maybe you could catch up with some old friends or make up with your middle school nemesis. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, make sure you do it with family and friends. A day like this is meant to be shared with your loved ones. What are you waiting for? Start prepping and mark your calendar for April 13.