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Juniors Zara Wang + Koharu Masuda

Juniors Zara Wang and Koharu Masuda know what true friendship looks like. Having been friends for 11 years, Wang and Masuda describe their friendship as being “orange,” a word they have coined to describe their fiery and unique relationship. Wang and Masuda began their journey together on the first day of kindergarten when their parents decided they should walk to school together.

Throughout their 11 years of being best friends, Wang and Masuda have developed a unique dynamic. “I enjoy the fact that I can insult her any way possible and receive an insult back,” Masuda said.

Wang also appreciated this aspect of their friendship. “I like insulting you,” Wang said. “It’s very fun.”

Despite their banter, Masuda is comfortable around Wang. “I feel like I [can] say anything to her,” said Masuda.

Wang adds that their playful insults make their relationship one of a kind. “We’re so good at trashtalking each other. It’s a special form of love and friendship.”

Wang recalls the unique gifts they’ve given each other throughout the years. “She once gave me a gin bottle filled with apple juice for my birthday,” she said. “Another time, she gave me this candle that says ‘Our friendship is like this candle. Forget me, and I’ll burn your house down.’”

While they may look more like enemies than friends at first glance, Wang and Masuda are quick to defend their friendship. “In third grade, I broke my leg and had to use a wheelchair,” Masuda said. “During that time, we had a field trip to Angel Island. We went to the beach, and I was super sad because I couldn’t go into the water. Zara sat with me the whole time.”

Ultimately, Wang and Masuda agree that despite every insult and incident that has been thrown their way, they are happy to have maintained their friendship. “She’s a very nice person, and she’s very generous,” Wang said.

Masuda is optimistic about her friendship with Wang even beyond high school. “I’m glad that we stayed friends even after middle school and high school, and [I hope that we stay friends going] into college,” she said.

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